Breakfast idea for Valentines Day !!

It’s time for everyone to think up ideas for Valentine’s Day to make all those special people in your life happy. I have my hubby and two little girls to please. Who are you spending your Valentine’s Day with ?
I wanted to share this breakfast table with you and I am hoping you will make this your Valentine’s Day tradition.

V B 4

I made the following for my hubby.

Heart shaped omelette
Strawberries, Kiwi
Heart shaped toast with strawberry jam
Lastly of course, there is no one I know whose morning starts without a Chai Tea. Mine is infused with Lemon Grass.

For the kids, I made

Heart Shaped toast with Jam
Heart shaped pancakes
Fruit punch (because it was the right color) for older one. Little one got milk.
You can substitute juice with Strawberry smoothie.

V B 1

You can’t see the little one’s milk here because she snuck in at some point when I was taking pictures and took her sippy cup away.

Tablecloth is made of hearts made out of tissue paper.

V B 2

Have fun!! and please leave comments and pictures of your special treats. I would love to see them.

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