Limoncello drink with Citrus Fruits


Limoncellow citrus w

This yummy refresher will take right out of today’s snow and into the wonderland of spring tulips.

Very easy to make and all you need is Limoncello Liqueur on hand.


Serves 1

Limoncello Liqueur 1/2 cup

Water plain or Sparkling 1/2 cup

Few bite size pieces of oranges and Grapefruit

Couple of pieces of Basil or Mint whichever is available but not both together

Wedge of Grapefruit to Garnish

limoncello 3




Mix together Limoncello and water. Add Fruit and Basil/Mint and let it sit for 1/2 hour. Serve over ice. This is great drink to make ahead for a larger group of people.



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