Spinach smoothie for a great start on Saturday morning

I usually start my week-end with a Saturday early morning long run. Now, don’t go on asking me how long is my long run. For a lot of you, it would be called a short run šŸ™‚ then rush back home before the kiddos are up to get a head start on Breakfast. After breakfast, we are off to classes. In between feeding kids, getting them ready for class and prepping for lunch, I usually have to skip my breakfast which you know can be disastrous for after run recovery. I figured out a genius way (indulge me, will you?) to get something nutritious in. Spinach Smoothie. Super simple. Literally no prep needed,all you need is a blender like Nutribullet.

I could not get the little hands to move away. they were waiting to pounce on the food as soon as Ā I stopped to blink.


  • Spinach 1 Cup washed thoroughly preferably organic
  • Pear 1/2 or more de-seeded
  • Lemon juice 1 tsp
  • Ginger 1/8 tsp grated
  • Grapes 6 or 7 washed (optional)



Add all the ingredients in a containerĀ for your Blender and blend away. Add a little water if needed. Ā Pour over ice or Enjoy as is!!


P.S. This post is NOT sponsored. I only happen to love my blender.

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