Vanilla Cake with Buttercream Frosting

We recently attended graduation party for a wonderful girl I have known since she was six years old. It is pure joy to see how quickly she has grown into a young woman and about to fly off and make her own destiny.

I remember having finished high school and I was so eager to start college and to start the new adventure of my life. I was in India that time living in a small town. Only a few of friends were going to go to the same college as me. The college was a few miles away and we were all going to use a bicycle to go to college. There were eight of us together and sometimes we used to form a line and block the entire road with our bicycles. People with other vehicles couldn’t go ahead and would get really mad at us.

All that fun apart, I found couple of great articles for recent graduates here and here. Do read if you have a moment.

To honor this lovely girl I have known for so long, I made a vanilla cake with one 8 inch layer and one 6 inch layer and frosted with buttercream icing using her favorite color.cake1

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