Caprese Sandwich with Indian twist

I make sandwiches at least one night in the week. Caprese sandwiches especially, are super easy to make. My hubby doesn’t like the original version very much since it is not spicy at all so I use Cilantro chutney as a spread. I don’t use butter at all, Olive oil in the chutney makes up for it.



makes about 5 sandwiches

Ciabatta bread 1 loaf fresh

Heirloom Tomatoes 2

Mozzarella Cheese 6 to 8 oz depending on how much cheese you like on your sandwich

Basil leaves Fresh about 10 leaves

Cilantro chutney

Cilantro 1 1/2 cups

Green Chili 1/4 or 1/2 depending on your taste

Lime Juice 1/2 Tbsp

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Tbsp

Salt per taste

Cumin- Coriander powder 1/2 tsp

Garlic 1 clove



Add all the ingredients for the chutney in a chutney maker or a food processor. I use Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food processor for grinding smaller quantities like chutneys. Remove from the processor and set aside.

Cut the Ciabatta loaf with a bread knife in 5 equal pieces and then cut each piece in 2 cutting horizontally.

Spread the chutney on the bottom pieces of each sandwich. Place 2 pieces of Tomatoes, 2 pieces of Mozzarella cheese and top it with 2 pieces of Basil leaves. Close the sandwich with the Top piece of bread and grill in the Panini maker. If you do not have a Panini maker, you can use grill pan at home or use outdoor grill.

Serve the sandwiches with some soup or if its too hot serve it with Mango-Coconut smoothie like I did.





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