Mango-Coconut Smoothie

In India, Mango season is more than over but now that we live in a global village, Mangoes are still available in a lot of places. I particularly like the yellow mangoes from Mexico. They are very sweet when ripe and the flesh is not stringy either which makes it perfect for a smoothie. Since we are still in the Summer season in Chicago, I thought of bringing the Tropics home by combining Mango and Coconut in a smoothie. This is very easy to make and can be served as an afternoon refresher or even as a light dessert.



Yellow Mangoes 2 Ripe

Coconut Milk 1/2 Can

Coconut water 5 Tbsp

Lime zest 1 tsp

Lime Juice 1 tsp



Peel and deseed the Mango. Chop the mango in small pieces. Combine all the ingredients together in a blender and enjoy. You can top it with fresh Mango pieces or some fresh Coconut flesh.


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