Besan Ladoo

Diwali is approaching really fast. The last three months of the year get super busy with Halloween. Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming so quickly one after the other. Our house goes through a rapid change in decorations based on the approaching festival. N always laughs when I am hurrying up to take down one style decoration pieces to hang the next.

I haven’t been celebrating all the Indian festivals since I moved to U.S. mainly because the festivals fall on week-days and it’s tough to take time off work. Diwali has been consistently an exception. Now that my little girls are growing up I feel the need to instill the Indian traditions into them to give them some sort of cultural rooting. Perhaps it’s time to celebrate more festivals 🙂

Following my mother’s tradition, I re-organized and deep cleaned the kitchen. I am planning to make a few Diwali faral items and started off with Besan Ladoo. These are N’s most favorite. This is my mother’s recipe that has never failed me. For the first 3 years of our marriage, I used to ask her for the recipe, write it down carefully so i could find it on time next year only to have forgotten where I kept it. As time passed by, I learned to organize my recipes but it is still a running joke in my family.


In the next post, I am planning to also show you how I approached Diwali gifts this time so stay tuned for that. Here is the recipe for Besan Ladoo.

Few notes for the recipe. Make sure Gram flour is slightly coarse and not very fine. When you are measuring the ingredients, make sure you are using the same or similar cup for measuring. I am all for eyeballing the ingredients but for this one I would urge you to stick to the recipe. when you use the saucepan, use a much larger one than the one you would usually use.

Makes about 40 ladoos that can fit in mini cupcake liner.



Besan aka Gram Flour 4 cups

Ghee aka clarified Butter 1 3/4 cups

Powdered Sugar 3 cups

Milk room temperature 1/4 cup

Green Cardamom about 10 peeled and crushed

Raisins about 1 per ladoo

You can also add pistachios in addition to or instead of Raisins.


  • In a large saucepan, heat Ghee on a medium flame.
  • Add all of the Gram flour and cook while stirring continuously but not vigorously. You have give time to let the Gram flour cook. Depending on the flame and type of stove, it may take upto 30 minutes.
  • Once Gram flour has turned color and is fragrant, add milk in splashes. Remove from heat.
  • Mix and add Sugar. Mix very well ensuring there are no sugar lumps in the dough.
  • Add Cardamom and let it sit for a while until the mixture is warm to touch. Do not let the mixture get cold.
  • Once warm, make balls of a desired size using the palms of your hands.
  • I put these in cupcake liner to make them look pretty. You can store them in an airtight container and stay fresh up to a week.







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