Endive Salad with Fruits and Nuts

Last weekend I played my most favorite sport with a dear friend. I used to play Badminton for my college back in the day. Boy, what a difference few years and 2 babies can make to your body. My goal for this year is to get healthier and for that I am going to be eating cleaner food as much as possible. Are you with me on this? I will try it out for 3 months and see if that helps me with my sport.



Serves 1

Endive small 2 separated

Apple 1/2 medium sliced

Pear 1/2 sliced

Roasted Pecans or Walnuts a handful

Pomegranate a handful of seeds

Cheese (optional) such Queso Fresco or Parmesan

EVOO 2 Tbsp

Honey 1 tsp

Mustard yellow 1/8 tsp

Salt to taste

Red Pepper flakes a pinch (optional)




  • Mix EVOO, Honey, Mustard and Salt well and keep aside.
  • Arrange Endive, Apple, Pear and Pomegranate seeds on a platter.
  • Pour over the dressing. Sprinkle Red Pepper flakes if using.
  • Sprinkle cheese if using.



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