Tomato Tart


I had some Pie Pastry dough in the refrigerator for some time. It was bought when I was in the store on a whim thinking I will make some yummy sweet tart. Since our family is into clean eating now, I was wondering what I am going to do with this dough. Luckily, Tarts aren’t just for desserts. They can be savory with vegetable or meat filling and some cheese if one wanted to indulge. This Tomato Tart made way to our dinner table with a simple salad and boy, I am going to be making lot of Tarts from now on. The recipe below might look complicated but be rest assured, it is super simple and be done in no time.



Pie Pastry sheet – I used store bought – for 12 inch pastry

Cherry tomatoes – about 30 to 35

Balsamic Vinegar – 1 Tbsp

Brown Sugar or regular granulated sugar 1 Tsp

Mint leaves about 5

cloves 3

Butter 1 Tbsp



Mini Tart pans or one big tart pan with removable bottom

  • Wash and dry Cherry tomatoes. Cut them in half and keep aside.
  • Set the oven to 375 degrees.
  • In a shallow pan, add butter on low to medium flame.
  • Add cloves and Sugar. Let the sugar melt.
  • Add the tomatoes, skin side down and let cook.
  • After about 3 minutes, add the Balsamic Vinegar and let cook for couple more minutes.
  • While Tomatoes are cooking, cut the Pie Pastry round into three mini rounds the size of your tart pans. If you are using just one pan, leave the pastry as is.
  • Once tomatoes are cooked, leaving the juices in the pan, add the Tomatoes to the Tart pan and arrange them close to each other skin side down.
  • Cover the Tomatoes with Pie Pastry, tuck it in slightly and put in the oven.




  • Reduce oven temperature to 350 and cook for about 25 to 27 minutes. You will see the Pie Pastry shell browning.


  • Remove, let cool a bit.
  • Cover the Tart pan with an upside down dish and turn the plate right side up.
  • Garnish the pie with Mint leaves if you wish and enjoy.



Adapted slightly from the Boston Globe


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