Citrus Cake with Mascarpone filling


Our clean eating spree is going well except for once last week, we had to order chinese because I was too tired to cook. Plus this cake happened. We had a potluck lunch at a friend’s place. Two of the girls had their birthdays close by so I was tasked to make the cake. I made this delicious Citrus cake and decorated with Fondant flowers. I used store bought Fondant and colored it with violet color. Cut out the flowers and let them dry for 24 hours. Once the cake was ready to assemble, all I had to do was place the flowers on top. Super Easy, right?


The original orange cake recipe is here. I made 2, 8 inch cakes and used only one layer of Orange cake and 2 layers of White cake. I did try to color the cake batter a bit but I didn’t like the result as much.

The cake and the filling and frosting takes a while to make since there are few separate steps so I would suggest if you are making this cake for a party, start the day before with the cake so you can frost the cake on the day of the event so you won’t be rushed with other things. The cake should refrigerate well and can be eaten for up to two days. Please do bring it to the room temperature though. I also noticed that Mascarpone filling toughens up in the refrigerator so use it only as a filling in between layers.


If you make this cake, please do post your pictures.



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