Easter Brunch and Custard Pie

I have seen so many posts about Easter Brunch in the last week that I feel I am almost too late. But better late than never. We had an awesome egg hunt in the back-yard. I was awesomely (is that a word?) organized this year. I got up early to do my Easter egg duties. On Friday, I bought presents for A1 and A2 and kept them in the trunk of the car. later that evening, I picked up rest of the family and we went out to have dinner. Guess what, A1 spotted her present and simply took it Thanking me profusely. My husband calmly said, just tell her what it was for, she is old enough. I tell A1, you know Easter bunny doesn’t give you the present, you know that right? This was for your Easter treasure. She assures me that she completely understands that Bunny only gets Eggs and Chocolates. Hmmmm So much for growing up. :)))

On Sunday, we found all the eggs. A1 graciously left some eggs for A2 who was super slow in walking around because she had to pick up each egg and examine it thoroughly before putting it in her basket. A2 got a soft toy with a store tag on it. A1 declared that she knew bunny bought it in the store because she can see the tag. 🙂 🙂 She really cracks me up.

So we proceeded to have the Brunch. I made Spinach Salad, Baked Masala Omelet and Custard Tart with Raspberries. All easy to make so I could fit in my morning run and the egg hunt. I prepared the Tart shells the night before so they were ready to be filled in the morning and prepped the Omelet batter and put it in the oven before we set out to do the Hunt so it was just ready when we came back. The Tart is not too sweet so you can easily have it in the morning. I know for some people it’s hard to have something sweet early in the morning but no worries on that one.


Custard Tart with Raspberries


Tart shell 1 Box Readymade- but you only need half the box for 2 minis

Custard powder 2Tbsp

Milk 500 ml

Sugar 3 to 4 Tbsp

Unflavored Gelatin 1 packet

Fresh Raspberries about 10 for each small Tart

Custard pie 3


Cut each Tart shell with appropriate measurement depending on how big is your Tart pan. If you are using a large one, you can make one large Tart in it. I have mini version so mine makes two Tarts in one dough pack. If you have never used it before, the package comes with full instructions that are easy to understand. You can usually find it in refrigerated section in most grocery stores.


You can either make your own custard from scratch or use the Custard powder like I did. All depends on how much time you have on hand and if you are willing to spend it on making the Custard. I got my Custard powder in an Indian store. I have seen my Mom use it for since my childhood so I know the taste and I can rely on it. I just went one additional step of adding unflavored gelatin powder to allow the custard to set in the Tart. You don’t want the custard to start flowing everywhere when you cut into it. When the Custard is ready, let it cool a bit and then pour it in the Tart shell. If it is more than lukewarm, shell will break. You also don’t want it to sit around for too long so assemble it right before guests arrive if you are making it for the guests.

Once done, arrange the Raspberries on top. That’s it. Super easy right?

Let me know how yours comes out.





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