Protein filled Chickpea Shwarma Wrap

In my last post I complained about the stress at work in the last few months and how I am not able to post as often as I would like. I do want to admit that part of this stress is my own doing. Do you know about load bearers? When we were in Michigan back in 2003, the entire Northwest was plunged into darkness. Part of the reason for the blackout was overloaded transmission lines. I believe the systems usually have some leeway or redistributing mechanism should the transmission lines get overloaded and those are called load bearers. This applies to us too. Almost everyone has some load bearers to deal with contingencies. There is always a bit of time that can be redistributed should one area of your life get too busy. I, on the other hand have none of those. I prefer to keep my life fully loaded at all times. There are so many things that I want to do and there is never enough time so I schedule my time so closely that there is absolutely no leeway when I really need to readjust. Do I feel I should change, not really. I just pick up and move along.

I make this Chickpea wrap for once every other week for us and the kids get just the spiced Chickpeas to go with whatever they are eating for dinner that day. The sandwich is very easy to make. I highly recommend using canned Chickpeas for those running short on time.



Chickpeas 1 Can drained and rinsed
Canola oil or any other oil that is unflavored such as Grape seed oil 1 Tbsp.
Shawarma Masala 1 tsp. (I bought mine from Whole Foods)
Cumin ½ tsp.
Smoked Paprika ½ tsp. or more per taste
Yogurt Sauce
Cucumber seedless ½ of large or 2 to 3 small
Yogurt about ¼ cup per sandwich
Cilantro chopped a handful
Chat masala 1 pinch per serving
Salt per taste
Sugar per taste (optional)
To assemble
Pita bread or Flatbread 2
Tomato sliced
Red Onion sliced or chopped per taste



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  • In a bowl, mix Chickpeas, Shawarma Masala, Cumin, Paprika and Oil. Mix well to coat thoroughly.
  • Spread the Chickpea mixture on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 25 to 30 minutes until Chickpeas are golden brown.
  • While Chickpeas are getting roasted, add all the ingredients for the sauce to your blender and blend until smooth. Or alternatively, grate the cucumber and mix with rest of the ingredients for the sauce. Keep aside.
  • Once Chickpeas are roasted, remove from oven and keep aside until they are slightly warm to touch.
  • Once they reach desired temperature, start assembling the sandwich.
  • To serve, warm Flat breads in the oven or in the microwave for 20 seconds.
  • Place it flat on a piece of parchment.
  • Place Lettuce, Chickpeas, Tomatoes and Onion in that order. Pour over the Sauce evenly.
  • Fold the Sandwich and Enjoy.

You could make the sauce and Chickpeas ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until ready to serve.



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