Spring inspired Brunch for Mother’s day

Are you hosting a Spring Brunch or Mother’s Day Brunch in the garden? May be it’s still too cold to be out in the garden for where you are. No worries. I have just the thing for you.


Typically, for a Brunch I invite people to come in around 11.00 AM. Everyone relaxes with a drink or a cup of Mint tea. Then we all proceed for a long and lazy afternoon. If we are outside, we chat or play outdoor games. If it’s too cold to be outside (and yes, that can happen even in Spring for some of us), I style the table with Spring colors to give the Spring vibe. We will just stay in and after Brunch perhaps take a stroll outside with a warm drink in our hands.


Brunch means you have to plan a little bit ahead. Get the groceries the day before. Arrange flowers and if possible set the table the night before. 


For this Brunch I went for yellow flowers because what else signifies Spring better than color yellow. We absolutely need every bit of sunshine we can get. The Blue and Yellow go fabulously together for the Tablecloth that I chose. I added some Cuties for a Burst of Orange.

The simple white table napkins and the Spoon and Fork are simply tied together with a jute string.


I served a simple drink of Blood Orange Juice mixed with Ginger Ale followed by White wine or you could serve Watermelon Pomegranate Chiller


The first course was this amazing Spinach and Strawberry Salad. I wanted to incorporate Strawberries as a hint for the upcoming Summer plus I found these gorgeous strawberries at the market. The Salad is topped with Candied Walnuts with a kick from Adobo Chili Powder. You can get the recipe here. I urge you to try this Salad at least once and I promise you will be a fan.


The Salad was followed by Spinach and Mushroom Frittata. This is one of my go to dishes when I have house guests. Frittata is always so filling and definitely provides that savoriness among all the goodies. You can add some jalapeno to the Frittata recipe if you so inclined. Frittata was accompanied by Store bought Croissants. When you have plenty of guests over or you are planning an outdoor brunch it is advisable not to do any short order cooking like made to order omelettes. That will simply keep you in the kitchen while the guests are enjoying themselves.


For Dessert, I served the most wonderful Cardamom and Nutmeg Pavlovas covered with Blueberries and Raspberries. These were made individual size portions so I didn’t have to worry about cutting it. I also skipped the Whipped cream because it was for Brunch and I didn’t want to be too heavy. The Cardamom and Nutmeg infusion provided the bursts of flavor through the crunchiness and tarty sweetness of the berries.


Alternatively, you can also serve these decadent Chocolate covered cookies. You can make the cookies up to two days in advance. These cookies will work especially well if you house guests and you are planning the Brunch for them on a week-end.


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Happy Brunching!!



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