Home Design

Here is my very first entry to another aspect of my blog. This blog has mainly been about recipes and the joys of home life but there is something else that is very close to my heart. It is my home and design. I love to entertain and I am always changing up things, may it be seasonal or just make a step closer to what my vision is.

We bought our house in 2012. The house was largely a country estate with wall paper and oak antique furniture. A bit of overgrown garden and little cared for trees. When I walked through the house the first time, I saw the huge windows and amazing flow of energy that the house had. But when I walked outside and saw the huge land that could be converted into a beautiful garden.

I saw a grand willow tree and couple of lovely crab apples hanging out together. It was spring time and I saw the potential. The house had clean simple lines and great aesthetic. It was more of a clean slate that I could make into whatever I wanted. Yet it was lived in and it had a soul that I felt a connection with. We decided to buy it. We knew the amount of work it needed. The time it would need. 

As with all home related projects it took us much longer that anticipated, thanks to the arrival of my baby girl (well she is 5 now). We did the flooring and the painting all throughout the pregnancy so as she was growing in my belly, the house was getting ready for her. My older girl, Annika was a trooper. She helped like a big sister she was soon going to be.

The house will be an ongoing project. I will be sharing the before and afters and some organizing and diys. Stay tuned.

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