Basic Buttercream Frosting

One of my basic recipes for Buttercream. This recipe holds well even in summer months. It gives me enough room and shape to use whichever tip I want to use. Equipment used – Click on the link to shop. Stand Mixer   Buttercream Frosting This frosting is made with addition of Oreo cookies but you can skip the cookies and use it on cupcakes and … Continue reading Basic Buttercream Frosting

cilantro chutney

Cilantro Pesto/ Cilantro Chutney

I have a funny story for Cilantro. When I came from India, I was looking for Coriander leaves and couldn’t find them anywhere. There were these certain leaves that most certainly looked like Coriander leaves but they were called Cilantro. I even asked the store clerk but they had no idea what I was talking about. I started using those and after a while when I made a few friends I came to know that well, if they looked like Coriander leaves and smelled like Coriander leaves, they are Coriander leaves a/k/a Cilantro. 


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