Anushka’s 4th Birthday


Time has flown by. My little one I brought home what seems like just about few days back is already 4 years old. She is super excited to be starting pre-k. I am super excited that she is all done potty training and sleeps in her own room. yay!!

We had a fun Princess Sophia themes birthday party for her. Although she has almost outgrown Sophia the Princess, she had a lot of fun with Sophia and more importantly with her preschool friends.

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Frozen Themed Two Tiered Cake

Hi Everyone. How is the summer going so far? I was missing from the blogging world a bit last week and I wanted to share this beautiful reason of a cake I made for a client’s daughter. The birthday theme was “Frozen” which is almost every girl’s wish these days. I used an 8 inch Vanilla cake and 2 layers of 6 inch White Chocolate … Continue reading Frozen Themed Two Tiered Cake

My Little one’s Curious George Birthday

My younger baby turned two this week. Completely took me by surprize. Wasn’t she born like yesterday? This little bundle of joy has made our life complete is so many ways. I look at both my children and wonder how life has changed now to revolve only around the two of them. Now when I make my schedule, they have a place of priority over … Continue reading My Little one’s Curious George Birthday