Watermelon Pomegranate Chiller


Is everyone enjoying the extended Summer this year? Boy, it’s hot out and the last day of Summer was like a week ago or more, I don’t even know anymore. I have watered and watered my lawn but it still looks so dry that people are by now considering me a really careless gardener. The trees were confused for a week about the upcoming Autumn but they seem to be enjoying the Summer as well. Last week-end was too hot though. Some friends suggested going to the park but the others definitively said no because it was crazy hot. We ended up enjoying this Watermelon Chiller late evening in the backyard and went out for dinner. How are you enjoying these bonus Summer days? Share with me, will you?

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Rose and Cardamom Lassi

My previous post of Persian Love Cake had wonderful flavors of Rose water, Cardamom, Orange Zest and Saffron. I decided to take two of those to make this another magical creation. The Lassi is infused with delicate Rose petals and dew drenching flowery aroma of Cardamom.    Did you know, India used to be the largest producer of Cardamom before the spice was introduced to … Continue reading Rose and Cardamom Lassi

Mint Tea for catching up with an old friend

Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon than chatting up with an old friend? One of my really good friend from India was visiting last week-end. She only had a couple of hours to stop by in her busy schedule so we decided on Saturday afternoon. I sent off my hubby with my older daughter for her French lessons, put the … Continue reading Mint Tea for catching up with an old friend

Limoncello drink with Citrus Fruits

  This yummy refresher will take right out of today’s snow and into the wonderland of spring tulips. Very easy to make and all you need is Limoncello Liqueur on hand. Ingredients: Serves 1 Limoncello Liqueur 1/2 cup Water plain or Sparkling 1/2 cup Few bite size pieces of oranges and Grapefruit Couple of pieces of Basil or Mint whichever is available but not both together … Continue reading Limoncello drink with Citrus Fruits