Cauliflower Butter Masala

Cauliflower Butter Masala – A decadent recipe with spicy roasted Cauliflower fragrant with Buttery sauce. A vegetarian take on Butter Chicken. If you were to ask me which one is my most favorite recipe on the blog, people, this is it. And why, because seriously people I can’t stop eating it. Both my girls love Cauliflower and Butter Chicken. So this recipe is an attempt … Continue reading Cauliflower Butter Masala


Tomato Pulav with Chickpeas

  Tomato Rice or Tomato Pulao is one of the easiest one pot meals. Its easy enough and feeds the crowd. I added Chickpeas to add some protein. Feel free to add whatever vegetables you have on hand.  I would recommend using Instapot if you are having company over or if you are trying to make it right before heading out for a Soccer game … Continue reading Tomato Pulav with Chickpeas

vegetable kurma

Quick and easy Vegetable Korma

What’s for dinner tonight? I ask myself. It’s gotta be the Vegetable Korma, for sure, for sure. There cannot be anything else. You know those recipes that you make once, and then you make twice, and then suddenly you realize that you made it way too many times in a month which makes you a very boring person or a winner for knowing such an amazing recipe.


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Carrot and Yogurt Salad/Carrot Raita



There are some days when you crave just simple and flavorful food. Something easy to make and no messy clean up. We had a Girl scout camp on the week-end. Although we didn’t stay overnight, the activities were enough for me to get up late on a lazy Sunday. I spent a long time wondering what would be the easiest dish to make for lunch. Finally around 11, I decided to go with a simple Vegetable Pulav and this Carrot Raita. Raita needs only a few ingredients and can come together no almost no time at all.

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Simple and Healthy Cabbage Saute

You would be totally surprised that this dish originates in Indian cuisine. Most people who are acquainted with Indian cuisine know Butter Chicken or Chicken Kadai and Occasional Paneer dish. Indian cuisine also consists very simple and healthy dishes like this cabbage saute that comes from Western State of Maharashtra. It is used in day today menus and usually accompanied with Daal and very thin Rotis. This dish is so mild that you could simply skip the green chilies and have it as a warm Salad or may be accompany it with some yogurt and cucumber raita, go carb free, people. 

This recipe is so simple and yet there must be at least a hundred variations of this depending on the household. Here is how we like it.


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Healthy Chana Daal with Tomatoes



When I started this blog, initially my vision was only to share the recipes without paying much attention to what goes into it. I believed in working out to burn the calories. I was not the one for dieting and I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was eating. Over the time as I grow older and my children are growing up I realize that my family not only needs to eat fresh and seasonal food but I also need to pay attention to how healthy our food is. I made little changes in our diet which really have been showing the difference in terms of how much more energy I have and how focused I stay on the tasks at hand. Although the kids still eat as many carbs as they like, me and my husband are changing our carb-heavy dinners. We eat dinner sometimes fairly late and eating a lot of carbs at that time was starting to take its toll. I came across this Daal preparation in one of my favorite books, Madhur Jaffrey’s Vegetarian. Her version is more spicy so I toned it down and changed the recipe around so it can be eaten without the side a Rice thus avoiding the starch. So if you feel like eating Indian food but are not willing to compromise on your low carb diet, this is the recipe for you. Continue reading “Healthy Chana Daal with Tomatoes”

Brown Rice and Millet Pancakes

I don’t need to give much introduction for this healthy and versatile item.  There are end less possibilities with what vegetables you can add to this yummy pancake. Add grated carrot or beets or tomato. Simply anything you fancy. This is one of our go to week-night meal when Mommy gets home late and everyone is ready to eat the kitchen. Ingredients: Brown Rice flour … Continue reading Brown Rice and Millet Pancakes

Ragda Pattice – White Peas with Potato Fritters – Indian Street Food


I don’t recall exactly when was the first time I had Ragda Patties but I think it was during one of our yearly summer vacations to our Grandparents house. There is one park that was close to my Grandparents house where the street vendors sold this yummy and spicy street food. When you think of a park in U.S., you think of may be an ice Cream truck but if you think of a park in Indian city, you think of all chaat items plus Ice cream. All the vendors shouting over the traffic noise to convince you how their item is the best in the city. When I had never visited U.S., I never realized how much I would miss these scenes but now after spending 15 years here, I miss it so much that I play the scene often in my mind’s eye and decide which vendor I will be visiting first when I am back to my beloved city of Pune. 

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Banarasi Aloo

Valentine’s frenzy is over in all the blogs by now. Everyone is probably thinking about Easter already but I am enjoying the warmish weather that is blessing the land of Midwest these days. The upcoming week-end is promising to be a whopper 61. I can’t stop thinking about the activities I should plan. Oh, but wait, I think I might be working though since I am on call this week-end. Bummer. Neverthless, it would be nice out and I am sure we would get in a trip to the park for sure.


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How to make Maharashtrian Daal in slow cooker

Don’t you get slightly overwhelmed on the week-ends when you make breakfast and lunch then have to take the kids out to the Beach or a Birthday party and then come home and cook dinner? I certainly do. The best thing to do on those days, start something in your slow cooker before stepping out of the house. That way you have at least a … Continue reading How to make Maharashtrian Daal in slow cooker

Misal – Spicy Street food

Misal is a popular Maharashtrian street food item. You will see several shacks selling this snack almost all over the state. In a town called Kolhapur, this snack is especially famous and you see small shops specializing only in this item. Every family apparently has their own special shop that they like to go to about once every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. I would … Continue reading Misal – Spicy Street food

Besan Ladoo

Diwali is approaching really fast. The last three months of the year get super busy with Halloween. Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming so quickly one after the other. Our house goes through a rapid change in decorations based on the approaching festival. N always laughs when I am hurrying up to take down one style decoration pieces to hang the next. I haven’t been celebrating all … Continue reading Besan Ladoo