The Fall Mantel

Ahh  Autumn!! The loveliest of seasons with colorful leaves and abundance of charm. The moody atmosphere of Autumn almost automatically draws us to the fireplace. What better place to start decorating for Fall season than with the Fireplace. The first change will always be noticed here. I will then add little bits and pieces throughout the house.  I had a few pumpkins that I bought … Continue reading The Fall Mantel

cilantro chutney

Cilantro Pesto/ Cilantro Chutney

I have a funny story for Cilantro. When I came from India, I was looking for Coriander leaves and couldn’t find them anywhere. There were these certain leaves that most certainly looked like Coriander leaves but they were called Cilantro. I even asked the store clerk but they had no idea what I was talking about. I started using those and after a while when I made a few friends I came to know that well, if they looked like Coriander leaves and smelled like Coriander leaves, they are Coriander leaves a/k/a Cilantro. 


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Tomato Pulav with Chickpeas

  Tomato Rice or Tomato Pulao is one of the easiest one pot meals. Its easy enough and feeds the crowd. I added Chickpeas to add some protein. Feel free to add whatever vegetables you have on hand.  I would recommend using Instapot if you are having company over or if you are trying to make it right before heading out for a Soccer game … Continue reading Tomato Pulav with Chickpeas

vegetable kurma

Quick and easy Vegetable Korma

What’s for dinner tonight? I ask myself. It’s gotta be the Vegetable Korma, for sure, for sure. There cannot be anything else. You know those recipes that you make once, and then you make twice, and then suddenly you realize that you made it way too many times in a month which makes you a very boring person or a winner for knowing such an amazing recipe.


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Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island

Super yummy Roasted Nectarine Popsicles recipe is below but first a bit our short trip.  Couple of weeks ago we visited the beautiful Mackinac island. The specialty of this island is not only the beautiful beaches and spectacular views but also a ban on all the motorized vehicles to preserve the island’s 18th century past. Fort Mackinac which defended the island is still standing in … Continue reading Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island

Cardamom flavored Madeleins


This post is inspired by our recent travel to France and my husband’s undying love for Madeleine. These little cakes are from Northeastern region of France.

He has come to believe that the only way to start the perfect day is with a hot cup of Coffee and a Madeleine. This is my twist on the original recipe. Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Despite the look, these are exceptionally easy to make but do need a special Madeleine pan. The pan is worth the investment in my books.

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Bottle Gourd Kheer/Lauki Halwa/Dudhi Halwa

Do you feel homesick? A friend asked soon after I came back from India. The ever beautiful weather, the good food and more importantly all the friends and family gathered in a single city. All feels so heartwarming. I call America home and I call India home. And maybe that’s ok that I have more than one home. More than one place where I feel … Continue reading Bottle Gourd Kheer/Lauki Halwa/Dudhi Halwa

Tofu with Sweet and Sour Sauce – A perfect week-night meal

Here is another week-night meal for you, my friends. Super easy to make and almost no prep time required. What’s more? If you are cutting carbs from your meals, this is your dish.


Serve it with some White or Brown rice and it becomes super-healthy. If you are in mood for more comforting food, stick to White rice. Serve it with a side of steamed vegetables or just plain old Chili sauce. If you are cutting carbs, skip the rice altogether. I assure you, this will become your week-night staple.

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Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Candied Walnuts


I had posted this Salad few years ago but I thought with the nice weather hopefully coming up, I should revive it. This is great light Summer Salad. You can prep the ingredients  in individually n separate containers and mix it at the last minute. This will go fabulously with a  glass of White wine perhaps a Riesling.

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Cardamom and Nutmeg Pavlova


It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.


This quote touches something in all our hearts in one way or another. It is especially true for all fellow bloggers in the social media world. To me, blogging is like running. there is no winning, there is only marking a personal best, day after day, post after post. Let us all uplift each other and help overcome our battles. Then one day we all will know the true meaning of Art of slow living.

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