Cardamom flavored Madeleins


This post is inspired by our recent travel to France and my husband’s undying love for Madeleine. These little cakes are from Northeastern region of France.

He has come to believe that the only way to start the perfect day is with a hot cup of Coffee and a Madeleine. This is my twist on the original recipe. Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Despite the look, these are exceptionally easy to make but do need a special Madeleine pan. The pan is worth the investment in my books.

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Rose and Cardamom Lassi

My previous post of Persian Love Cake had wonderful flavors of Rose water, Cardamom, Orange Zest and Saffron. I decided to take two of those to make this another magical creation. The Lassi is infused with delicate Rose petals and dew drenching flowery aroma of Cardamom.    Did you know, India used to be the largest producer of Cardamom before the spice was introduced to … Continue reading Rose and Cardamom Lassi

Persian Love Cake

This beautiful creation has an equally enchanting story behind it. A girl fell in love with a Prince and she made this cake to charm the Prince. This Cake now serves as a symbol of undying love. The cake is filled with aromatic Persian flavors. It is infused with Cardamom and delicate Rose scented Frosting.  The cake itself appears to have two separate versions. One is Almond … Continue reading Persian Love Cake