Quick Cookies with Pistachios

January is supposed to be the quietest month of the year and I truly enjoy sitting by the fire, sipping tea and jotting down ideas on the paper for what my goals will be for the year. This time after the whole two months of feasts, dinners and friends, I visited my homeland, India. So it was another month of festivities with old friends and … Continue reading Quick Cookies with Pistachios


Chocolate covered Sugar Cookies

A cup of tea upon arrival at a country house is a thing which I, as a rule, in particularly enjoy. I like crawling logs, the shaded lights, the scent of buttered toast, the general atmosphere or leisured coziness P. G. Wodehouse My feelings exactly for the Winter. As temperatures have cooled down, the warmth in the house is cracked up, fireplace roaring and something … Continue reading Chocolate covered Sugar Cookies

Pistachio Almond Financier

Does the name sound weird to you? It did to me at first. This French delicacy was known as Visitandine until it became popular in Paris Financial Stock Exchange as it was easy to store in coat pockets without being damaged. Another story says that the traditional shape resembles a bar of gold hence the name. The second story won’t go with my cakes because … Continue reading Pistachio Almond Financier