Quick Cookies with Pistachios

January is supposed to be the quietest month of the year and I truly enjoy sitting by the fire, sipping tea and jotting down ideas on the paper for what my goals will be for the year. This time after the whole two months of feasts, dinners and friends, I visited my homeland, India. So it was another month of festivities with old friends and … Continue reading Quick Cookies with Pistachios

Green Peas Soup with Thyme

Easy and Heart warming Green Peas Soup with Thyme

Green Peas Soup with Thyme


Isn’t this a gorgeous looking Green Peas Soup?

I am in a Christmas Coma. There has been an overdose of cookies and cakes all around me. This easy soup has served as a refresher and pallet changer for the last few weeks. I have another recipe for Green Peas Soup in the blog archive. This is another take on it. I added different herbs and added Chili Oil for the kick. I also used Almond Milk instead of cream so all in all this makes a healthier version. As with almost all my soups, this is a mild soup and goes well with simple salads or a cheese course. 

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