Pineapple Semolina Dessert/Pineapple Sooji Halwa

With Holidays fast approaching, everyone is scrambling to find good and quick recipes that can be made ahead and are easy. These Pineapple Semolina dessert bites or a fond Indian name of Sooji Halwa are probably your answer.

Sooji Halwa

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Semolina Cake with Rum and Saffron

Have you had the most wonderful Valentine’s day? Anushka was supposed to take cards and Lollipops for her friends and at 5 AM I remembered that the cards were not signed so I frantically signed all the cards in less than 5 minutes. That was a good start. The girls made cards for us and feasted on all the candy their friends gave them. We … Continue reading Semolina Cake with Rum and Saffron

Pineapple Sheera/Semolina Pineapple dessert

I have had non stop parties at my home since beginning of November. This has been indeed busiest months of the year. Hubs has been off driving due to broken shinbone since September so that added a little stress but we hung in there and did well. He picked up on things at home when I was out taking care of classes and outside work. … Continue reading Pineapple Sheera/Semolina Pineapple dessert