cilantro chutney

Cilantro Pesto/ Cilantro Chutney

I have a funny story for Cilantro. When I came from India, I was looking for Coriander leaves and couldn’t find them anywhere. There were these certain leaves that most certainly looked like Coriander leaves but they were called Cilantro. I even asked the store clerk but they had no idea what I was talking about. I started using those and after a while when I made a few friends I came to know that well, if they looked like Coriander leaves and smelled like Coriander leaves, they are Coriander leaves a/k/a Cilantro. 


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Healthy Chana Daal with Tomatoes



When I started this blog, initially my vision was only to share the recipes without paying much attention to what goes into it. I believed in working out to burn the calories. I was not the one for dieting and I didn’t pay too much attention to what I was eating. Over the time as I grow older and my children are growing up I realize that my family not only needs to eat fresh and seasonal food but I also need to pay attention to how healthy our food is. I made little changes in our diet which really have been showing the difference in terms of how much more energy I have and how focused I stay on the tasks at hand. Although the kids still eat as many carbs as they like, me and my husband are changing our carb-heavy dinners. We eat dinner sometimes fairly late and eating a lot of carbs at that time was starting to take its toll. I came across this Daal preparation in one of my favorite books, Madhur Jaffrey’s Vegetarian. Her version is more spicy so I toned it down and changed the recipe around so it can be eaten without the side a Rice thus avoiding the starch. So if you feel like eating Indian food but are not willing to compromise on your low carb diet, this is the recipe for you. Continue reading “Healthy Chana Daal with Tomatoes”

Chickpea Soup with Saffron, Cumin and Ginger

If you are looking for a protein filled vegetarian option for weeknight meal, here is your answer. Chickpea soup with enough protein from Chickpeas and Edamame, much needed veggies and Carbs from Noodles. You can just eat it as is or serve it with Fresh baked bread that can be dunked into the soup. Chickpea Soup with Saffron, Cumin and Ginger  Ingredients: Chickpeas ¾ Can … Continue reading Chickpea Soup with Saffron, Cumin and Ginger