Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island

Super yummy Roasted Nectarine Popsicles recipe is below but first a bit our short trip.  Couple of weeks ago we visited the beautiful Mackinac island. The specialty of this island is not only the beautiful beaches and spectacular views but also a ban on all the motorized vehicles to preserve the island’s 18th century past. Fort Mackinac which defended the island is still standing in … Continue reading Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island


End of Summer Peach and Nectarine Galatte


With the two back to back natural disasters hitting US, the last thing on anyone’s mind is reading a food blog and much less writing it. I was reading the news reports and heard about a Pizza restaurant opening its doors to the displaced Floridians where they can pay what they can or eat on the house. The owner is a National guard member who explained that “when disasters hit, most people want is to sit down in a safe place and a warm meal”. A warm meal can give you the strength and hope to deal with the eventualities. 

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