Cool Avocado Soup for the Summer

You saw my post on my little one’s Curious George Birthday. I mentioned that I had made some of the food items. This soup was one of them. We celebrated Birthday during the day and the heat index was showing 82 degrees which is kinda hot for Chicagoans. This soup provided a bit of coolness in the summer heat. the soup itself requires no heating … Continue reading Cool Avocado Soup for the Summer


Sunshine Soup

I was looking forward to gardening in the afternoon last week-end.  After spending 2 summers in this house, I think we are getting an idea of how to approach the Garden. There is something very soulful in just quietly cleaning up the flower beds, pulling weeds one by one and letting the plants breathe. It was drizzling a little and I was soaking wet by the … Continue reading Sunshine Soup