Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island

Super yummy Roasted Nectarine Popsicles recipe is below but first a bit our short trip.  Couple of weeks ago we visited the beautiful Mackinac island. The specialty of this island is not only the beautiful beaches and spectacular views but also a ban on all the motorized vehicles to preserve the island’s 18th century past. Fort Mackinac which defended the island is still standing in … Continue reading Roasted Nectarine Popsicles and a trip to an island


Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Candied Walnuts


I had posted this Salad few years ago but I thought with the nice weather hopefully coming up, I should revive it. This is great light Summer Salad. You can prep the ingredients  in individually n separate containers and mix it at the last minute. This will go fabulously with a  glass of White wine perhaps a Riesling.

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Watermelon Pomegranate Chiller


Is everyone enjoying the extended Summer this year? Boy, it’s hot out and the last day of Summer was like a week ago or more, I don’t even know anymore. I have watered and watered my lawn but it still looks so dry that people are by now considering me a really careless gardener. The trees were confused for a week about the upcoming Autumn but they seem to be enjoying the Summer as well. Last week-end was too hot though. Some friends suggested going to the park but the others definitively said no because it was crazy hot. We ended up enjoying this Watermelon Chiller late evening in the backyard and went out for dinner. How are you enjoying these bonus Summer days? Share with me, will you?

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End of Summer Peach and Nectarine Galatte


With the two back to back natural disasters hitting US, the last thing on anyone’s mind is reading a food blog and much less writing it. I was reading the news reports and heard about a Pizza restaurant opening its doors to the displaced Floridians where they can pay what they can or eat on the house. The owner is a National guard member who explained that “when disasters hit, most people want is to sit down in a safe place and a warm meal”. A warm meal can give you the strength and hope to deal with the eventualities. 

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